Projetos Free

Projetos temáticos, projetos para celebrar datas especiais e projetos simplesmente projetos.

O blog é novo, mas já estou preparando novidades.

Aguarde que logo os projetos chegarão !!! *Ü*


5 thoughts on “Projetos Free

    1. Hi from me after a long time. So sorry. I Was out from my pc. Yes, you can use google translator. I don’t know how to add this in my site yet. So sorry again. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you very much to stop here and let me a message. 😉

  1. Dear Suely I was following your Block of the Week / Block of the week – BDS / BOTW in 2010. The one with the Hexie flowers (Agulhinhas). I made it through Block #14. I was wondering if I can still get the remaining 6 blocks? I would be willing to pay something for them if they are no longer free.

    Sincerely, Melanie Jackson

    1. Dear Melaine I am very very glad to know you made my 14 blocks from BDS/BOTW- Baltimore Agulhinhas. They aren’t free anymore, but I can send you the others 6 blocks by email so you can to finish it. :). You don’t need to pay for them, my dear friend, the only thing I want from you and so much is see your pics, from yours blocks and top and quilt when you finish it because I’d like to share them in my blog or to link the pics from your blog. ❤ Do you have a blog, FB, instagran or can you send me pics from your progress? Just send me your email, OK? you made my day more bright today, Melaine.<3 I am very very happy.:) Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you thank you for letting me know you had fun with my blocks and for contacting me. ((Hugs)) xx

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